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Filename Bytes  Date Description Uploaded_for
Public Key LINK 15/10/03 17:11 Used for verifying channel messages
Timetable in Outlook.doc 25.0K 04/01/07 19:29 HowTo importeren timetable info in Outlook
SIN Overview.doc 35.5K 28/02/07 16:15 SIN-Online overview
FAQ (english) LINK 05/12/03 14:02 SIN-Online FAQ (english)
FAQ (dutch) LINK 05/12/03 16:11 SIN-Online FAQ (dutch)
SIN-Online demo LINK 16/03/04 12:29 Demonstraties gebruik SIN-Online
Students' and Users' Manual LINK 15/02/11 10:14 Student manual for SIN-Online (English)
Channel Admin Manual LINK 07/07/09 11:46 Administrator manual for SIN-Online (English)
My Papers.doc 553.0K 09/03/10 14:45 My Papers voor coordinatoren (Guus Eilers)
SMS Polls user manual LINK 14/09/09 16:40 SMS Polls user manual
SOWS-documentatie LINK 04/06/10 09:32 SIN-Online Web Services online documentatie (Dutch)
Workspaces.doc 30.0K 09/12/08 14:35 Voorlopige documentatie Workspaces
SOWS Lite manual LINK 07/10/11 10:16 SOWS Lite Scripts documentatie
SIN-Online.flv 29.9M 23/07/10 13:52 promotiefilmpje SIN-Online (Dutch)

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